musical care, coaster ghost [gr-24] / sleepy headphones EP [gr-24b]
october 21, 2OO3

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recommended with headphones during time-travel

coaster ghost was recorded in sally & danny’s backyard shed during windy weather in panorama city. an old casio keyboard was used primarily. album cover and additional photos by gina clark.

O1          [no title]
O2          when i’m lost
O3          a planet away
O4          lullaby for gina
O5          slower ghost
O6          coaster ghost
O7          fell down in my room
O8          fired
O9          air is so scary
1O          sky eyes

O1          lullaby a
O2          lullaby b
O3          lullaby c
O4          lullaby d
O5          lullaby e


musical care, sleepy headphones EP [gr-24b]
october 21, 2OO3

Bandcamp F


cough syrup sedation/coaster ghost companion

O1          lullaby a
O2          lullaby b
O3          lullaby c
O4          lullaby d
O5          lullaby e


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