musical care, dreamerz [gr-41]
june 26, 2O18

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walking the mood wrench to the lake; inner-slowness and muted vim

recorded 2O18 in the eagle treehouse. (“lullaby for sand” recorded at the flower house of new hope 2O16.)

O1          lullaby for night (apple island)
O2          lullaby for morning (dream in green)
O3          lullaby for sand (butterflies)
O4          lullaby for libraries (marla saucer in hotel halls)
O5          lullaby for monkey
O6          lullaby for nora (nevada)
O7          lullaby for orange (and yellow)
O8          lullaby for slowdancers (e in viagreen valley)
O9          lullaby for quiet queens (anti-fury futures)
1O          lullaby for beginner drifters (sour sleep)
11           lullaby for z (far-away love)

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