musical care, formulaic crazy [gr-O1]
march O7, 2OOO

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experimental head sounds for the air castle

this was recorded in val verde surrounded by wolves and mountains with roland vs-89O and korg workstation in the winter and spring of 2OOO. features andrew scandal (guitar and beatbox on “duck hunt”), mike hoffman (drums on “duck hunt”), samual bolduc (violin on “nice thoughts asleep”), and tiflin (cello on “nice thoughts asleep”).

O1          my head
O2          [no title]
O3          color blind
O4          with you
O5          riding on your rides
O6          it’s lonely when you’re talking to the actor
O7          [no title]
O8          running from ourselves
O9          [no title]
1O          duck hunt
11          comet cat
12          [no title]
13          pick me
14          [no title]
15          yellow dress
16          my mother
17          nice thoughts asleep
18          lullaby
19          [no title]
2O         normal nightmare (electronic kiss)
21          request
22         [no title]
23         feeling badly
24         [no title]
25         mice i meet
26         sad stars


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