night themes

musical care, night themes [gr-37]
may 3, 2O16

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mood wrench therapy pocket for past life adventure and future film

recorded during xmas vacation december 2015 at the flower house of new hope.  features jenni zepol (vocals on “prayer for being in love (gymnastics)”).  “prayer for being in love (gymnastics)” lyrics written by jenni zepol.  “prayer for worry and vim (pensacola, death or heaven)” produced and mixed by martin beal. album photo by leslie saucer.

O1          prayer for being in love (blue)
O2          prayer for worry and vim (pensacola, heaven or death)
O3          prayer for humility and kindness (happy house)
O4          prayer for mystery and longing (without sleep)
O5          prayer for magic duck (ray groves)
O6          prayer for prayer for devastation (return to space)
O7          prayer for the incredible mr. nobody (stormy weather and indigo)
O8          prayer for heartbreak (glowing graves)
O9          prayer for quiet and peace (with sleep)
1O           prayer for bob (dad)
11            prayer for being in love (gymnastics)

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