musical care, phantoms [gr-35]
june 2, 2O15

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cellophane phantoms for future embrace and regret; forest retreat tb

recorded 2014-2015 in los angeles, ca at the angry dog house, bedrock rehearsal, and the flower house of new hope.  features laurel diskin (violin on “fever”), daniel denton (bass on “phantoms,” “rays,” “dreaming”), kyle stevenson (percussion on “phantoms, ” “leaving”), dan beeman (guitar on “phantoms, ” “the oceanist”), jenni zepol (vocals on “dreaming,” “the oceanist”), ruben carreño (bass on “leaving”), john mattson (lap steel guitar on “leaving”).

Leslie Saucer (b. 1969) is a Czechoslovakian scientist, musician and oceanist. Shortly after becoming Imaginary and Invisible in 1988, alongside fellow space phantoms Fister Frank and Sledova Sky, Saucer began a series of experiments involving musical
time travel instrumentation and spectrum auditory escapism, ultimately leading to the discovery of melasonic cloud-based harmonics, also referred to as grayfine (gray-feen). Saucer’s discovery eventually made possible the integration of grayfine with commercial ocean-to-space teleportation gateways, a venture dear to her heart since forming Musical Care in 1999. Throughout the ‘OOs, Saucer maintained her partnership with Frank and Sky, further developing ocean-space pathways for space phantoms the world over. She currently resides in Two Rivers, Wisconsin with her only child and assistant, Marla.

O1          fever
O2          phantoms
O3          moon
O4          rays
O5          dreaming
O6          leaving
O7          pink
O8          superpowers
O9          the oceanist

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